The Viet Nam War Museum

Received a generous donation of $1,000 from the U.S. Playing Card Company, in November, 1997.  This award was made possible through the personal efforts of Mr. Ron C. Rule and the generous intervention of Ms. Marilyn Eiser, his executive assistant.

Veterans of all wars will remember the U.S. Playing Card Company for its consistent support of our troops overseas by furnishing them with free decks of cards.  In Viet Nam, this generosity took on the added dimension of demoralizing our enemies in the field by playing on their fears of the Ace of Spades as the Death Card.  The Company produced thousands of decks comprised only of the Ace of Spades, and furnished them at no cost to the U.S. Armed Services.  U.S. Servicement then used them appropriately in this psychological warfare.  The symbol was very popular among Viet Nam troops and one Marine Platoon even adopted the nickname "Happy Aces".  As early as 1966, the U.S. Playing Card Company was praised in the U.S. House of Representatives for its generous and consistent support of the troops.

Through communications with Geno Kubiak, a Marine whose active support and participation in the Museum is legendary, Ms. Eiser and Mr. Rule were able to locate a couple of such decks produced during the war, but still unopened [and therefore in mint condition], and donated them to the Museum.  These decks have been on display ever since then.  We are most grateful to Ms. Eiser for her unflinching support and Mr. Rule for his generosity and exhaustive campaign in support of the Museum.  Thank you so much for this fine gift.

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