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The Viet Nam War Museum was founded 16 years ago by Joseph E. Hertel with the goal of preservingan accurate history of the conflict through memorabilia, artifacts, photographs, written documents, magazines, artwork, period publications, personal effects, souvenirs and other items which would enhance the presentation of facts and experiences.  Secondly the purpose of the Museum is to honor and remember all who served in the Viet Nam War, the sacrifices they made, so that future generations may remember and learn from this turbulent time in history. We must never forget the Viet Nam Experience! And yet we might ...


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A Viet Nam Diary  {updated 1 February 2001}

An Anomaly of War-Recollections from personal experiences in RVN Parts1-6 of 6{updated 10 December 2000)

Organizations and resources for military families(updated 20 Aug 2018)
In the Reference Archives: thanks to Lan Cao, Colonel Pham Van Chung and Nguyên Van Tin. [Posted 21-Oct-2000] 
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We also have original art and paintings  [updated 14 August 1999]
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