Museum 30 April 2000

Message from the ex-president - End of an Era:

Many who reach this site still are unaware that the Viet Nam War Museum had closed it's exhibit location as of 30 April 2000 and now operates completely in cyberspace. Almost all articles on loan to the museum have been returned to their owners, some artifacts have gone into storage, and some material from my personal collections are currently being offered for sale at various sites, hopefully to pay off the remaining debts of the museum.

We also are no longer incorporated as a not-for-profit organization. Without a location, we cannot function as such. In addition, it is time to close this site as well.

We have tried, over the past sixteen years, to develop an interest in the museum in order to obtain funding, either from corporate, government or business concerns. Nothing worked. All of our services have been free of charge. I will not go into detail of all the accomplishments the museum has incurred over the years, but I will say that our existence had helped hundreds of individuals, either by providing information, medical services, citizenship and English classes, food and material distribution, refugee assistance, reuniting families, and the list goes on...

After several discussions about the effectiveness of this site, we have determined that, even with over 30,000 hits this year, our feedback from users has been dismally small (less than 0.1%). Over the past six months, we have received around 20 e-mails mostly from students asking for homework information, and no revenues. I believe we have an outstanding site, with information on, about and related to the Viet Nam War, in abundance. Our link page connects users to numerous informational and educational sites, in Vietnamese and English, and our virtual displays show you artifacts and memorabilia from the war.

Dr. Michael Raffin, our web page wizard, has spent hours updating page information and improving the site, for which the site was recognized with numerous site awards, every month, most of which remain unposted. With his busy schedule as Director of Audiology at Loyola University Hospital, it is not fair to burden him with this task any longer. Therefore, I have asked him to shut down the site in the next ninety days.

He has suggested me that we may be able to offer this site for sale to someone who would want to continue the endeavor. So this we will do. I am not computer literate, and I don't know how it is done, but if someone wants to buy this site, it is for sale. Hopefully, the sale of this site will pay off the remaining debts we have on the museum. Contact us via e-mail and we will get back to you on this offer.

As for me, I am no longer interested in traveling this road. I have reached the end of the tunnel (and there is no light at the end of this one) and therefore shall now, having retired , relax and enjoy personal pleasures for the remainder of my life. I shall leave the light on for the next person. I have many fond memories of the museum and the people we met over the years. There were many good times, and there will be many stories to tell, but it is over. My gratitude and sincere thanks to all who have helped us and tried to make it work. Good-bye.

"The saddest words of mouth or pen

are only four: ‘It might have been'."


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